Alex Koz.

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Software Engineer. Last time I mostly write on following languages: Rust, Haxe, Python, Java and Obj-C++, but they are just instruments - my job is a work on logic, algorithms, graphics and data using any languages.

I have more than fifteen years of real experience. I started as “Flash/Actionscript Engineer” and worked for many companies such as SmartGames, Dulton Media,, Leo Burnett, Rambler, Clickberry and other companies with various projects.
Certified expert (ACE) in Flex 4.x/AS3 since 2012.

Creating software & games since 2000. Software Engineer, Consultant, Game Developer & reverse-engineering enthusiast. OSS enthusiast, active contributor of DDG, Haxe & a little bit Ethereum. Fanatic optimisation of any processes. I’m need determinism in all. As a hobby I’m creating cross-platform reincarnations (remakes) of great wonderful old games. Love my family, inline skating, bowling, carting, ping pong, chess, tons of ice cream, robots, books, macintosh, demoscene, shaders, wisdom and clear usability.

Currently I’m an independent developer, freelancer, consultant and a teacher. And a lead of indie game-dev group in the past few years.
Live in Moscow, Russia. Speak English & Russian.


I teach children and adults to think and to program.
Also I’ve been a co-initiator & speaker in the RAFPUG.

As a hobby sometimes I work on some features for couple of interesting oss-projects.



Just for fun & knowledge reversing favorite cool old games (before 2000) and making remakes - crossplatform rebirth. Mostly for private usage.

First of all, in the past developers put their hearts to the old games and treated them as an object of art. In these games there is always a story, humor, they are fun, interesting and surprising and honest with the player, unlike most modern profit-centered games. Such games must teach our children!

Secondly, the old games inside is a storehouse of information. Earlier there were not so much computational resources and people worked more carefully with memory and graphics. The reversing of the old games teaches a lot and this is madly interesting!

Hire me

Looking for the most interesting job offers for full-time. Feel free to invite me. Currently I’m in Moscow, Russia, but relocation is possible and desirable.

Check out my CV or DevStory on the SO.